The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 10

Well, after a couple of weeks away we were all keen to get back into it and roll some dice. This last session was fairly combat heavy, but it did see the party taking down two dragons at once, as well as an atmospheric encounter with a zombiefied werewolf lord. Needless to say the heroes won though and after the master was slain his hold on the domain collapsed. With the return of the Imperial Gardens, the party were hailed as heroes amongst the Shadar Kai of The Black Market. This mighty deed truly marked them as powerful warriors who do not fear death, but embrace it and walk with the blessing of the Raven Queen. Mistress Zillah advised the party that her people will now heed their call and follow their direction. And as such a meeting was set up with between Zillah and Meloch to negotiate an alliance. Both factions had a variety of terms they wanted agreed upon, and these can be found Here. The party acted as intermediaries and with their help a new alliance between The Bloodpact and the Black Market was formed. The other factions have not remained idle however:

Lord Nerezza of The Foreshadow has set his guards patrolling the alleys of The Grand Bazaar, making trouble and exerting their false authority. Honest Shadar Kai citizens have been accused of treason and hauled off to Nerezza’s dungeons in the Imperial Palace, never to be seen again. The Black Market grows tired of his oppressive rule and wants to see him overthrown. This may prove to be difficult however because the Foreshadow has allied itself closely with the Cult of Orcus, and it’s rumored that a powerful Arch-Lich has warded the palace against any threats.

The Raven Knights continue to battle the cultists and clean the city of their taint, but Commander Corvus reports that for every undead monstrosity they take down, another one seems to be unleashed on a different part of the city. Corvus believes Nerezza is supplying the cultists with Shadar Kai victims for their macabre rituals, and in return has gained the support of a powerful Arch Lich. Corvus’s Knights have tracked the Lich down and has found he lairs in a large ancient Mage-Tower near the Imperial Palace. If the party wants to take down Nerezza they will have to deal to the Arch-Lich first.

The Privateers have announced they will be holding an auction to sell off their newly saddled Wyvern. The leaders of every faction have been invited, and most have replied with interest. In order to keep hostilities to a minimum the auction is to be held on neutral ground at the Helpful Goblin Inn. The Wayfarers are of course invited as guests of honor.

The Merchant Guild have been buying property within the city from both the Foreshadow and Black Market. It seems rivalries and competition can be set aside if enough money is handed over, and by all accounts Ravana has been paying out huge fortunes in rare gems found only in the Feywild. It is unknown how he came across this wealth, but his Guild has certainly grown in strength because of it.

The Vanguard continues their advance into the city, laying claim to various fortifications in its wilder outer regions. They have also clashed with a number of Bloodpact patrols, flaring up old hatreds and perpetuating the centuries of bloodshed. A series of brutal raids against the Blood Gate by the Vanguard have also resulted in the deaths of several Tiefling citizens, with the rest demanding bloody vengeance. It seems Ghesh is just as keen to exterminate the Bloodpact as the Cultists are, and it’s fortunate for the Tieflings that they haven’t started working together… yet.

Meloch has been deep in discussion with Zillah, negotiating the finer points of their alliance and strengthening the ties of the two factions. They have also been planning the downfall of the Foreshadow and the return of the city to Tiefling rule. Meloch recently sent his niece Sinesta to the Imperial Palace to parley with Nerezza and he would like to discuss Nerezza’s response with the Wayfarers.

And finally, the Shadar Kai merchant employed at the Green Fairy was found murdered this morning, his throat slit by a poisoned dagger.



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