The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 11

Another nice and tidy session with plenty of action and plot development. First up the party headed off to the Green Fairy to investigate the mysterious death of their favorite merchant. After a fairly simple skill challenge they were able to deduce he was assassinated by a Half Elf dressed as a Shadar Kai. A Speak with Dead ritual then revealed the assassin had left behind a cryptic message the party:

“We will not go quietly, we will take our share of the city. You betrayed us, you are next.”

All signs seemed to point to The Privateers, so the partys next course of action was to attend the Wyvern auction to see what the roguish faction were up to. And sure enough the event quickly deteriorated into chaos with the lives of the party and those several faction leaders threatened by fiery doom. With quick thinking and bold action the party were able to defuse the situation and evacuate everyone safely and decided it was time to pay the Privateers a visit. But by the time they had got to the Private Gate the village was already engulfed in a fire storm, there were no sign of anyone and the gates to the city were left wide open. Never one to miss an opportunity Veshic quickly summoned The Bloodpact armies to surround the burning village and claim it as their own.

Next up the party decided to pay Meloch a visit to discuss an attempt to contact Lord Nerezza, and learned that he had killed Meloch’s niece Sinesta and sent back her heart in response. Meloch was understandably anguished by this and has asked the party to track down the Rapier of Atonement, so that Nerezza can be brought to justice.

And lastly the party went to track down a vicious Arch-Lich, rumored to be in league with Nerezza and responsible for the countless undead monstrosities plaguing the city. This resulted in a fairly intense serious of encounters, leading up to an interesting, and remarkable insightful, encounter with the Arch-Lich himself.

So, how do this weeks quests line up, well most side quests seem to have been tidied up more or less and the party is heading for a big show down with Nerezza. Here’s how it will play out…

Lord Nerezza of The Foreshadow has mobilized his armies, bolstered them with ranks of undead and is preparing to march across the city to re-assert his authority. The Black Market, The Bloodpact and The Raven Knights are prepared to meet his armies head on and drive them back, all that they wait upon is the order from the Wayfarers. Once the Wayfarers are ready the three allied factions will create a diversion allowing the party to slip into the Imperial Palace and bring down Nerezza once and for all.



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