The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 2

Greetings! Time again for a quest log catch-up as well as a look at the current reputation standings in my campaign. During the last epic session almost all the outstanding quests were completed, including several impromptu ones, netting a huge amount of rep for the party as well as some nice customized items. Also a new Faction was created, lets hear it for The Wayfarers!

Currently the Wayfarers have ratified an agreement with The Vanguard that will allow small groups of Tieflings through the Dragon Gate in order to reach the Temple of Bel, so that the Tieflings may pay their respects to one of their long lost deitys. There were various restrictions, but the Vangaurd are not without honor and were more then happy to see to take their enemies gold and see them humbly bow before them. The Tieflings, many of which from The Bloodpact, were eager to once again pay tribute to Bel, Lord of the First, even if it meant kowtowing to their sworn enemy. But of course, Tieflings were never above making deals with the unsavory in search for more power…

And so, it is with great pleasure I introduce the Wayfarers Influence Tracker. As the members perform great deeds and complete quests their influence will grow, they’ll gain new members, friends and probably enemies too, as well as access to new magic items, rituals and properties.

Now lets take a look at what the other factions are up too.

The Bloodpact

After the news that a Temple of Bel had been found, and that they would be granted access to it, a sense of eagerness seemed to wash over the Bloodpact. Ever since the disappearance of Bael Turath, the Tieflings ties to their Dark Lords had been severed, leaving them alone and abandoned in a harsh world. But now with Bel’s strength and tactical cunning to guide them once more they feel one step closer to reclaiming their city. The next step will require the services of the Wayfarers and Meloch has asked the party to meet him at the Blood Gate.

The Vanguard

The capricious Bloodpact have ever been a thorn in the side of the noble Vanguard and as such, certain measures need to be taken from time to time. Using the necromantic water taken from the city, as well as the goblin heads collected previously and the blood of a valiant Dragonborn warrior, the Vanguard required a simple ritual to be performed at the Blood Gate. They give their assurances it will not result in violence or turmoil that would tarnish anyone’s reputation.

The Privateers

Ever on the look out for new trade opportunities, the Privateers have managed to arrange a meeting with a faction from within the city, a group of Shadar Kai calling themselves The Black Market. The Privateers have agreed to meet them on neutral territory outside the city in the markets around the Blood Gate to close a deal, and would appreciate it if some trustworthy friends were nearby just in case the deal goes bad.

The Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild have allied themselves closely with the Vanguard, but wouldn’t mind hedging their bets a little and getting in good with the Bloodpact as well. This of course is near impossible with the Privateers using goods stolen from the Merchants to help undercut prices and monopolizing certain commodities. Since there is no recognized Trade Councils in effect it falls to the Merchant Guild to ensure fair business practice is enforced, but first they wish for a certain courier to be casually intercepted on his way to the Blood Gate. All that is required is that this vial be slipped into his latest shipment.



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