The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 3

Ok, so to sum up last weekends sessions, too many players and too many monsters. Not much I can do about the players (if you run it, they will come) but I will be changing the way I handle monsters from now on. You’ll be seeing smaller groups of higher level threats, as opposed to wave after wave of minion trash. That’s not to say I wont use minions from time to time, I think they are great, but its obvious combat works a lot better with fewer targets and less chaos. So, I’ve gone thru my extensive mini collection (seriously, I have a problem) and made up some interesting encounter groups, ranging form level 5 to level 10, all using no more then 5 mobs, usually with one obvious leader. This should hopefully streamline combat a bit.

I’ll also try to spend a bit more time on non-combat encounters, as these seem to be the real winners at the table and bring out some nice role-playing and character interaction. The only drawback there is combat encounters are relatively easy to set up and flesh out, while non-combat takes a lot more time and preparation. However, to start things off I’d going to introduce to new features to my campaign, Mons’s Weekly Specials and Mayhem Tourneys.

Mons’s Weekly Specials

Mons will be selling new magic items acquired from within the city at reduced prices for a limited time only. Obviously these new and exotic items will be of interest to the Privateers, not to mention the party. So feel free to buy, steal, trade or sell these items as you see fit the next time we get together. First up:

Onyx Dog Level 4 Wondrous Item 840 gp (Slashed to a Crazy 500gp!) This figurine, sculpted of reflective onyx, depicts a barking dog. Power (Daily, Conjuration): Standard Action. Use this figurine to conjure a black mastiff (see below for statistics). As a free action, you can spend a healing surge when activating this item to give the creature temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value. Power (At-Will): Immediate Reaction. Use this power when an enemy adjacent to the onyx dog attacks you. The onyx dog makes a bite attack against the attacker.

Mayhem Tourney

Shadey Pete, everyone’s favorite shifty little eye patch wearing Halfling has been resurrected by the Privateers, and to pay off the debt he’s currently fixing, I mean running, Tournaments at Mayhem, with prizes for those who win two or more rounds. And just to make things interesting, these fights will be 2 on 2 and Activated Magic Items are now allowed (normal daily magic item rules apply). Players are welcome to take part, and place bets, usually at 2:1 odds. Players are also welcome to try to find out who else is entering and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The prizes this week are as follows: win two rounds and you get to pick between a Shield of Defiance or an Amulet of Health (both level 8), win 3 rounds and you walk away with both!

And now, on with the quests…

The Bloodpact

Meloch, High Warlock and Leader of the Bloodpact, has asked The Wayfarers to find the Iron Tower and secure a path to it so that it can be used as a place of worship once again. Well the Wayfarers have found it, but now it needs to be explored and secured, who knows what has taken up residence within over the last 1000 years. Also, Meloch would like to find a copy of the Infernomicon, a treatise on the Tiefling Deities and Temples within Bael Turath, which will hopefully aid in locating and cleansing the remaining lost temples. The last known resting place of the Infernomicon was in the Dark Library.

The Privateers

After acquiring a certain stone object from a certain dwarven trader the Privateers now request the services of the Wayfarers once again in locating a copy of a very rare ritual, Stone to Flesh. A copy of which will almost certainly lie in the Dark Library. Secondly, after the embarrassing encounter with the Shadar Kai, the Privateers are looking to salvage something from the meeting. While The Merchant Guild knows the two factions met, they don’t yet know what was discussed or what the outcome was. The Privateers would like to capitalize on this and throw the Merchants off guard by passing off some mundane items as Shadar Kai crafted goods at the Merchant Gate. The Elvish courier Redrellon will outline the details.

The Vanguard

Now that the Vanguard have magical spies keeping tabs on the Bloodpact they are free to focus their attention on gaining control of the city once more. There is a human Sorceress by the name of Rhoswen at the Merchant Gate, she works for the Merchants as a Seer and ritual caster. Ghesh would like the party to have her cast a ritual to Consult the Mystic Sages, and ask a number of questions on his behalf about the city itself.

The Merchant Guild

After failing to assist the Merchants in two ventures (planting the vial on Redrellon and letting Mons speak with the Shadar Kai) the party’s reputation has fallen slightly. Merchant Prince Ravana has invited the Wayfarers to meet with him at the Merchant Gate, so that a better understanding of each others needs can be met.



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