The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 4

RIP Cetanu Kinslayer

So yeah, we’ve had our first fatality in 4e… whose next? After Glen’s character died and he left the room to roll up another, the survivors of the encounter got together to discuss what went wrong, at great length. In short, everything, but in general I think they all agreed that teamwork and unity will be needed if they want to survive the perils of Bael Turath.

Apart from the regrettable demise of Cetanu, the last sessions went really well. Lots of character and story development. Lots of faction interaction, and a couple of new NPCs. I’ll post up a list of relevant NPCs later on to help you guys keep track of who’s working for whom, but there are still a couple to introduce yet. Anyway, on with the next adventure, and as promised, here’s the next round of our regular features, including a brand new one from Rhoswen at the Merchant Gate. Each week Rhoswen will be offering to cast a specific ritual, at a discounted price. The party is welcome to use this to further the story line, forward their own agendas or what ever dastardly plan they can conceive. So without further ado…

Rhoswen’s Discount Rituals

Is your partner being faithful? Can you trust that trader’s word? Does that hide armor make your butt look big? If you want the truth, if you want to cut through all the lies, then you are going to need this Ritual cast on you: Rhoswen’s Delayed Discern Lies – only 200gp After Rhoswen casts this ritual on you you’ll be able to trigger it with a word, discharging the spell and giving you a +20 bonus on all insight checks to discern any untruths spoken in your presence for the next 5 minutes.

Mons’ Weekly Specials

This week Mons has something straight from page 179 of the Adventurers Vault, and not only is it heavily discounted, but Mons can also arrange for it to be made with your faction’s logo.

Battle Standard of Might

This flag is marked with martial runes that inspire strength in you and your allies. Wondrous Item 840 gp (Now only 500gp!) Power (Encounter:Zone): Standard Action. When you plant the battle standard in your space or an adjacent square, it creates a zone in a close burst 5. While within the zone, you and your allies gain a +1 power bonus on damage rolls.

Shadey Pete’s Mayhem Tourneys

In honor of the tragic passing of Cetanu, Shady Pete is holding a special tourney at Mayhem in his memory. It will be a brutal match where anything goes, no holds barred and no ring outs. The prize break down will be the same as last time, with two new prizes up for grabs: a +2 Crossbow of Frost and a pair of Bracers of Defense.

Now on to the quests. There has been a bit of power shuffle going on, so keeping in mind your reputation with each faction is also an indicator of that faction’s influence, and vice-versa, here’s how everything stands.

The Bloodpact

It will only be a matter of time before The Vanguard realizes the Bloodpact have been manipulating their Scrying Ritual, so with three of their strongest warriors dead or missing, now is the best time to strike. Delaying any further would just be foolish and dangerous. Meloch requires your assistance with an assault on the Vanguard, not as The Wayfarers, but as allies of the Bloodpact. He doesn’t want anyone killed, all he wants is for the Dead Dragon Inn to be burnt down so that the City Gate it guards will be more accessible to all. He will meet with you at Mayhem to discuss the plan in full.

Meloch would also like to find a copy of the Infernomicon, a treatise on the Tiefling Deities and Temples within Bael Turath, which will hopefully aid in locating and cleansing the remaining lost temples. The last known resting place of the Infernomicon was in the Dark Library.

The Privateers

Ever on the lookout for new trade opportunities, the Privateers rarely turn away any potential clients. This time however they may be in over their heads and rumor has it the Privateers have made a deal with someone even they can’t get the best of. Selini, leader of the Privateers, would like to meet with you in his [[Great Hall] at the Private Gate to discuss this delicate matter.

Also, after acquiring a certain stone object from a certain dwarven trader the Privateers now request the services of the Wayfarers once again in locating a copy of a very rare ritual, Stone to Flesh. A copy of which will almost certainly lie in the Dark Library.

The Merchant Guild

As if to add insult to injury, a number of Eladrin Nobles have reported they were robbed on the night of the assassination of their Sapphire Princess. Ravana is absolutely furious, not only has he had to placate the grieving family but now he is being held accountable for returning the missing belongings. He is certain The Privateers that were found that night are responsible and is close to declaring all out war on them. As [[The Wayfarers] have always held a neutral position amongst the factions he calls on them once again to retrieve these items, by any means necessary, before Ravana is forced to do so himself.

Ravana is also waiting for the Wayfarers to make good on their promise the find and secure the Dark Library on behalf of the Merchant Guild. However, this matter can wait until after the missing belongings have been found.

The Vanguard

Things have not been going well for the Vanguard. In the space of a few days they lost three noble champions. One was killed in a brutal blood sport, no doubt rigged by The Bloodpact. Another fell while exploring the City, presumably in the interests of the Vanguard. And the third, a renegade, was executed by the Merchant Guild when it was found he was working alone in an assassination plot to kill an Eladrin Princess. While Ghesh has nobly taken responsibility for the renegade’s regrettable actions, relations between the Vanguard and The Merchant Guild still remained a little strained. At such a vulnerable time the Vanguard are grateful to have the friendship of The Wayfarers and particularly for the Scrying Ritual that was previously cast upon the Bloodpact which will alert them of any possible attacks. But now they must ask another favor, in order to bolster their ranks again the Vanguard will need to recruit some mercenaries. Ghesh would like to meet at the Dead Dragon to discuss this further.

Ghesh would also like to know more about the battle between Bharash and Felaszure, the commanders of the Dragonborn and Tiefling armies that met to duel the day Bael Turath disappeared. From the information the party gathered from Rhoswen’s Ritual, he believes the information he seeks can be found at the Dark Library.

The Wayfarers

As mentioned before, each time the party successfully completes a major quest in the name of the Wayfarers your faction will gain influence and greater standing within the campaign. Currently the Wayfarers only have a small following, with a few scouts working out of the two known Tiefling Temples, but pretty soon they’ll start drawing a stronger following. This will probably result in some young keen adventurers looking to complete quests for the Wayfarers or perhaps even contact from the factions within the City. First things first though, and the Wayfarers are going to need to find a base of operations.



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