The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 5

So, an interesting evening to say the least. Two quests pretty much fell to bits for very good reasons, while the other two turned out far better then I would have ever expected. Now seeing as I want this campaign to have a real dynamic feel to it, where players actions and choices have big impact on the story, I would love to get some feedback on what you liked, what you felt didn’t work so well and what type of quests you want. I have a backbone of a storyline sketched out, but everything else is pretty much fair game. After Saturdays session, the general consensus was that dickish quests that leave The Wayfarers having to betray their friends were not appreciated while more time spent exploring the city would be great. So with those ideas in mind I give you the next round of quests…

The Privateers

Despite losing a warehouse filled with foodstuffs to an unexplained and quickly overlooked fire, the Privateers impressed with the efforts of the party and Selini welcomes you all to feast with him and his kin any time. Especially Cardoc and Solana. Sileni also suggests you pay a visit to Grady, a half-elven alchemist working at the Private Gate. Grady has a number of useful potions and elixirs for sale, but is looking to increase his repertoire. If the Wayfarers happen across any Alchemical Formulae in their exploration of the City, he would love to get his hands on them, and in return will then make said items for the party, at a discounted price of course.

The Merchant Guild

With all the missing belongings returned, Ravana was able to make amends with the distraught Eladrin Nobles and a guild war was averted. Ravana was deeply indebted to the Party for their swift action and rewarded them with a magnificent gift, his very own Exodus Knife. Now that the recent dramas have been dealt with the Merchant Guild are once again able to focus their attentions on making profits and procuring items of wealth and power, such the very rare Cambion Platemail. These suits of exquisitely crafted non-magical armor were worn by Teifling nobles at the height of the Bael Turath Empire. Mons would like The Wayfarers to track down a set and promises to reward them handsomely if they do.

The Vanguard

After a tumultuous night the Vanguard are once again counting their losses, but luckily still within the relative safety of the Dead Dragon Inn. A Teifling raid hit them unawares deep in the night. Unawares, but not unprepared. Earlier that day a Hobgoblin mercenary group known as the Red Hands of Doom had approached the Vanguard looking for work, and proved their worth that very night. The Teiflings fought hard but were eventually driven off after both side took heavy losses. The fact that The Bloodpact were able to execute this raid without the Vanguard knowing is proof their Scrying Ritual has failed and stronger measures will need to be taken in order to protect the Dragonborn A delegation of new Vanguard troops is expected to arrive in the next few days to help bolster their numbers. Ghesh would appreciate it if the Wayfarers would ride out to meet them and guide them to the Dragon Gate, preferably avoiding any aggression from the Bloodpact.

The Bloodpact

Without the help of The Wayfarers, the raid on the Dead Dragon Inn did not go well. The mission was a failure and the Bloodpact lost a number of fine warriors. The Bloodpact are now licking their wounds and have learnt a number of valuable lesions. Firstly, their hated enemies are more resourceful then they expected and secondly, that the Wayfarers wont be bullied or goaded. The Bloodpact have decided to focus their attentions elsewhere and have sent a number of scouting parties, led by Sinesta into the Bael Turath City to learn more about what happened to their people. Meloch would appreciate it if the Wayfarers would check in on them from time to time and offer assistance if needed.

The Wayfarers

After defeating a Shadar Kai Witch at the Mayhem Tourney and subsequently meeting her again at the Private Gate, the Wayfarers have managed to convince her to arrange a private meeting between them and Mistress Zillah, Leader of The Black Market. This meeting is set to take place at Mayhem and if the Wayfarers make a good impression it could lead to a fruitful relationship between the two factions. Incidentally, Cardoc managed to secure a private meeting of his own and plumped a handmaiden for some interesting information.



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