The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 6

A highly successful session I thought, with every faction benefiting and no sore grudges, well except perhaps against the Merchant Guild, but more about that later. An ambush against the Vanguard was thwarted, without the Bloodpact finding out what happened. The meeting with the Black Market went well, resulting in a powerful new ally for The Wayfarers. And a successful assault into the City resulted in the finding a perfect site for a base of operations, the slaying of our first dragon and the discovery of the fabled Dark Library. Well done all! Everything just seemed to click into place and the game flowed really well I felt. The players also managed to pick up a number of side quests and some tasty loot, including a carriage. So now, on to the quests…


The Privateers +1 Rep

Now that the Privateers finally have a copy of the stone to flesh ritual they will be able to restore their petrified Wyvern egg and begin the process of incubating it. Research has shown that mother wyverns typically cover their eggs with the remains of a large fresh kill. The heat generated from the gradual decay is enough to keep the egg at just the right temperature, also nutrients from the kill seep into the egg as the body decomposes, nourishing the developing Wyvernling. And finally once the egg does finally hatch, the Wyvernling has enough food nearby to build up its strength. Fascinating.

The Privateers would be most appreciative if, during a foray into the city you just happened to come across a large freshly killed body, you wouldn’t mind passing it on to them, so that they might begin the incubation.

Selini also has news regarding the Merchant Guild, and their ongoing negotiations with the Fomorians. Ravana is planning to meet a delegation of Cyclopes in a Feywild glade within the next few days. Ruby has been asked to accompany Ravana, so perhaps Mons knows some further details. I’m sure we could all agree that it’s in everyone’s best interest if this meeting didn’t take place.


The Bloodpact +1 Rep

Meloch was left feeling betrayed after the fiends he’d hired to ambush the Vanguard reinforcements failed to complete their mission and instead stole off with his payment. Luckily the Wayfarers were able to track down the payment, Bel’s Greatsword, and return it to the much relieved Meloch.

Meloch was once again thanking the Wayfarers when the sacred Infernomicon was finally delivered to him. After searching for so long the Bloodpact could finally read from its hallowed pages and gain from its wisdom. Meloch bowed low before The Wayfarers and offered his most humble gratitude and promises to reward them with the Blessing of Mammon, should the ever find his Temple.

Finally Meloch also asks if you’ve heard anything of his niece Sinesta? She went scouting into the city with a group of Bloodpact but hasn’t been seen since.


The Vanguard +3 Rep

Ghesh was most pleased with the assistance offered by the Wayfarers. Not only did they safely escort a new delegation of troops to the Dragon Gate, but they were also able to tell what happened during the Duel between Bharash and Felazure. Somewhere deep in the City these two noble warriors are frozen in time and locked in eternal struggle. Ghesh would very much like to find out where this duel took place so that he could set about freeing the two Generals and allowing Bharash to claim his victory.

Sheba also thanks the Wayfares once again for bringing a dragon to justice and promises to reward them handsomely again for any other hearts they bring in.


The Merchant Guild +1 Rep

Ravana could not have been happier to finally gain control of the Dark Library and, despite a little difficulty gaining entrance at first, has set Rhoswen to review and catalogue its contents. Ravana himself seems preoccupied with some other matter at the moment, so he and Ruby have no other requests to make of the Wayfarers. Mons on the other hand politely reminds them that he is still in the market for any Cambion place they may come across.


The Black Market +1 Rep

Mistress Zillah left the meeting with the Wayfarers feeling she had made the right decision. The Wayfarers have been asked to meet with her again, at The Grand Bazaar, to further discuss the details of their newly formed alliance. As a sign of good faith the Wayfarers have promised to bring along a gift of a Pristine Fey Emerald, and will also keep an eye out for any sign of a mysterious faction within the city that is rumored to fight under the banner of a Raven.


The Wayfarers +3 Influence

After an incredibly successful series of events, the Wayfarers find themselves even more popular then usual, and with new recruits signing up daily the time has truly come to find a proper base of operations. To that end Solana has kindly supplied the funds to restore an old manor house the Wayfarers found while exploring the City. The only catch is it needs to be cleared of whatever foul denizens of the dark are currently residing within.



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