The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 7

What a weekend, three night of play resulted in some fairly serious developments. The Manor House D’Nellil was cleared and readied for renovation and in doing so a Fey Crossing was uncovered. A cultist den was assailed and a Grimoire of Orcus was uncovered. The den also once belonged to House Barikdral, who are now rumored to have been somehow involved with the City’s downfall. A meeting between Ravana and several emissaries of the Fomorians was witnessed and a letter from Ravana was intercepted. The letter revealed Ravana is having the Dark Library searched to find something for Mighty Thrumbolg, Lord of Mag Tureah. Sinesta and her Bloodpact scouts were rescued from some Ogres in league with the Cult of Orcus, who were ransacking the Temple of Mammon. The Temple was then explored and so to was the Vault of Mammon, resulting in some nice shiny loot. Deeper into the City the Faction known as The Raven Knights was encountered and aided with their ongoing battle against the Cult of Orcus. Their history and goals was revealed and they offered to translate the Grimoire of Orcus. And finally The Grand Bazaar was uncovered, with an intriguing offer of support from The Black Market should the party wish to rule the city.

So, with all that has happened, here is the current faction climate and latest quest line up


The Bloodpact

The Bloodpact have been growing in strength by the day, and now that they control the Temple of Mammon they can learn from the tenants of wealth and ambition that will be required to restore their city to its former spendor. Meloch was overjoyed to see his niece return safely and knows he is once again indebted to The Wayfarers for all they have done, and to make good on his word, he invites them to join him in the newly acquired Temple to receive the Blessing of Mammon.

Now that parts of the city is slowly becoming more civilized Meloch himself has been able to spend some time walking the streets of his Ancestral home, surveying those few areas that have been cleared out. What he’s seen is clear to all those who’ve walked its dark twisted streets, one thousand years in the Shadowful has left its mark on the City, corrupting it from its once fabled beauty. Repairing the damage and restoring its splendor will take the work of master craftsmen and learned architects, the ones who followed the teachings of Belial. Meloch would be most pleased if the Wayfarers could find and secure the Temple of Belial for him.


The Privateers

Thanks to the Wayfarers there is now a fresh Ogres corpse naturally incubating the Privateers treasured Wyvern egg. While they are unsure exactly how long it will take to hatch, or even if it is still viable, they still have plans for it. The Dragonborn of old were masters mounted combat, riding drakes and dragons in to battle with the use of enchanted saddlery. If any of the invading Dragonborn saddlery has survived the Privateers would love to get their hands on some.

News of the Grand Bazaar spreads fast and the Privateers have managed to sneak in a few scouts to survey the markets and size up their competition. Not surprisingly what they have seen has sent them into a flurry of activity. The Privateers are always keen to buy into any potential markets before their rivals can and see a huge market for Shadar Kai made items. As such they would appreciate it if the Wayfarers could purchase a sizeable supply of trade items on their behalf. They’d do it themselves but are certain the Black Market would over charge them and then simply undercut the Privateers prices. Redrellon will provide the list of items and the money to buy them.


The Vanguard

With the relative peace amongst the factions the Vanguard have been able to push their new troops into the City and begin securing footholds. One such site has been found that would serve as an excellent staging area, as it is easily defendable owing to its natural moat of lava. It is currently the home to a large pack of Hell Hounds and the Vanguard have been unable to clear it out, so they have asked for the Wayfarers assistance in this matter. The Hell Hounds seem to be acting in a manor that would suggest that someone of something is directing them, perhaps they are protecting something of value other than the site itself.

Ghesh is also still keen to find out where the duel between the two Generals took place so that he could set about freeing them and allowing Bharash to claim his victory. And Sheba still has an open bounty on all Dragon hearts.


The Merchant Guild

Ravana’s distraction of late has turned to out right irritation. Something is troubling him and he appears to be growing impatient, as such he as sent Ruby off to the Feywild on some mission of import. In brief moment of calm he has politely asked the Wayfarers to secure an item for him. It was once said that the Sages of Belial carried with them great staves of power which granted them heightened understanding. Ravana would very much like to wrap his hands around one of these. He also mentions that he is eager to learn more about a place known simply as The Crucible]] and wonders if perhaps the Wayfarers could secure it for him.

Mons is also in the market to buy a copy of a Ritual that will animate his suits of Cambion Plate, turning them into Helmed Horrors. He is sure a copy of such a Ritual would reside in the Dark Library but seeing as only Rhoswen has been granted access, he has asked it the Wayfarers might be able to track down a copy for him.


The Black Market

Mistress Zillah was pleased to meet with the Wayfarers once again, and has pledge her support should they ever wish to make a bid for the throne. To win the support of her people however she suggests they commit an act of heroic bravery to prove their strength. Within the city there was once a large Imperial Garden which has now fallen into a deeper shadow. It has become the Domain of Dread, an isolated pocket bound to the Shadowfel by some dark creature. Many of her finest warriors have entered the Domain, but none have returned, so she can not tell what lies beyond its misty borders. All she knows is that once its master is destroyed, the curse will be lifted, the gardens returned to the city and the Wayfarers will have won the trust of her people.


The Foreshadow

A squad of Shadar Kai guardsmen have arrived at the Green Fairy to deliver a letter bearing the seal of the Foreshadow. Word of the Wayfarers exploits have traveled throughout the city like rumors on a breeze, tales of a band of adventurers battling their way through the outer streets and securing ancient places of power. Such stories stir the blood and several young Shadar Kai have requested entry into the Wayfarers. Ever mindful of the safety of his people, Lord Nerezza has requested to meet with the Wayfarers in order to assess their motives. It is all very good for outsiders to risk their lives exploring the wilds of the outer city, but to endanger his people, or to encroach upon his domain, is another matter entirely.


The Raven Knights

After a fortuitous meeting with the Wayfarers, the Raven Knights have accepted the Grimoire of Orcus and have begun deciphering its foreboding pages. It is of course filled with the usual deranged fanatical profanity claiming Orcus to be the one true god of death, supreme master of unholy powers and crux of all destiny. But one passage stands out with grave and dire significance…

“And lo, for it shall come to pass that those who walk in his shadow and commit their death unto him will be blessed at his coming. Risen up as Kings the blessed shall sit on thrones of bone and rule over the faithless mortals that will wither and fall before the sight of his magnificence. His footsteps upon the world will be the tolling of its funeral bell, and all will serve his will. His servants shall open the gateway using a bloodless heart, a focus that has spent time amongst the realm of the dead.”

The Raven Knights wish to discuss this finding with the Wayfarers and decide upon a course of action.


The Wayfarers

The Wayfarers now stand at a crossroads, it is in their power to decide the fate of the city, who will rule it and what its future may be. But will they make a stand and end their neutrality, tip the balance of power and sever old alliances? Or will they simply watch, letting its fate be decided by the warring factions as the City is carved to pieces. The Gathering Storm approaches.



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