The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 8

Fairly tidy session I thought, which included a couple of plot developments, the progression of some player goals and the clearing out of another Tiefling temple. First up the party decided to take up Meloch on the offer of receiving the Blessing of Mammon, with most of them receiving small side quests. Secondly they agreed to pay a visit to Lord Nerezza and discovered the resting place of the two might Generals, high up on one of the balconies of the Imperial Palace. They also discovered The Foreshadow are taking council from the Cult of Orcus and are likely to cause trouble in the future. Next up was a trip to the Raven Citadel to discuss a passage from the Grimoire of Orcus, which revealed the cultists are planning to destroy The Bloodpact as part of a ritual to bring Orcus in this world. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Raven Knights also mentioned a powerful new ally has joined the cultist known as Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats. Last of all the party managed to clear out some cultists from the Temple of Belial, and after a series of devilish riddles, secrets and promises managed to obtain an artifact known as the Staff of Belial. Also, one last thing, late in the session it was noticed that the parties Exodus Knife had gone missing.

So, here’s how the factions are stacking up

The Bloodpact

The Bloodpact currently find themselves in a good strong position, they control four key temples relating to Warfare, Diplomacy, Wealth and Knowledge and feel it is time to start making serious moves towards taking control of the city. Before they make any rash decisions however they feel it would be most prudent to discuss strategy with they loyal allies the Wayfarers. Meloch, now wielding the Staff of Belial, would like to meet to discuss the future of the Bloodpact and how they might go about reclaiming their city.


The Privateers

Pleased with the delivery of trade goods they received from the Wayfarers the Privateers are now busy securing trade routes ahead of any incursions made by The Black Market, who they see as they main rivals. Their other competitors, The Merchant Guild, have not been overlooked however, and a scout has reported that Rhoswen was seen leaving the Dark Library with a large golden bound tome, which was delivered to Ravana immediately. The Privateers are also still on the look out for a dragon-harness for the fledgling Wyvern, which seems to be growing stronger by the day.


The Vanguard

Ghesh has taken the opportunity of relative calm amongst the factions to scout out areas of tactical advantage in the city and has decided to take the Magma Keep, by force if necessary. He has asked for assistance from the Wayfarers, but will not wait much longer if they keep delaying. His scouts have also been searching for any sign of the mighty Generals, but as yet they have found nothing.


The Merchant Guild

The dwarven trader Mons is always a good source of information, and while discussing his latest acquisitions he let slip that Ruby and Ravana were planning another trip to the Feywild to conclude some deal or some such and as usual Mons is being left behind. Still, he’s got his own projects to work on and is still after a Ritual to create Helmed Horrors, if the party happen across them.


Cult of Orcus

After deciphering the passage from the Grimoire of Orcus the party have discovered the true motives behind the cultists actions. They plan to summon Orcus into this world using the entire City as a focus for their horrific ritual. But first they need to purge the city of any Tiefling bloodlines.


The Black Market

Mistress Zillah has pledged her support to the Wayfarers, provided they can brave the Domain of Dread, slay its master and return the Imperial Garden back to the City from deep within the Shadowfel. Only such a heroic deed will be enough to win the respect and support of her people, and if the party survives she will be more then willing to discuss any plans regarding the City that they may have.


The Foreshadow

It has become clear that Lord Nerezza wants to gain control of the entire city, not just the Palace, and has even resorted to working with the Cult of Orcus as a means to an end. His meeting with the Wayfarers may have ended peacefully this time, but tensions are frayed and with the Cultist Merodach to advise him it wont be long before things come to a head.


The Raven Knights

The Raven Knights were grateful for the influx of so many new members and count the Wayfarers has their loyal and trusted brothers in arms in their battle against the Cult of Orcus. As such they have warned the party of a powerful new ally who has sided with the Cultists known as Nar The Plaguelord, Master of Rats. Nar has been tracked to a deep dark and dangerous section of the City’s sewer system, where only the most foul beasts of the Shadowfel dwell.



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