The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 9

Another straight forward session with plenty action where the party managed to solidify a couple of alliances and move the campaign towards seeing Bael Turath returned to the Bloodpact. There is still a way to go yet, but with a clear goal in sight the party have direction and purpose. The session started off with a meeting with Meloch where Sinesta was giving a report on faction movement within the city. Meloch then asked the party what they thought would be the best course of action in order to gain control of the city. After a bit of discussion the party decided that perhaps an alliance between The Bloodpact and The Black Market would be best, to which Meloch was cautiously agreeable. The meeting was suddenly interrupted at this stage by a violent attack on the Blood Gate by the Cult of Orcus. The players hastily took the rooftops in order to fight off a pair of summoned Shadow Demons and their Necromancer masters.

After a fairly brutal and dramatic fight, with many a daring leap from rooftop to rooftop, the party managed to pull through and defeat the cultists. It was then decided that the threat of cultist activity against the Bloodpact needed to be quelled and so their next objective was to find and defeat Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats before he could loose a terrible plague upon their Tiefling allies.

Whilst following Niamh though the city to find the sewer lair of Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats the party stumbled across a group of Dark Ones under attack from some undead monsters. Bargaining that the enemy of my enemy is my friend the party raced to the aid of the Dark Ones, and with a few quick words of trust the two groups were able to surround the undead and bring them down. Grateful for the assistance the Dark Ones revealed they had been traveling through the city using rituals to purify the vile necrotic taint of the cultists. The party offered to help them cleanse a nearby fountain and then wished them well in their quest.

A short while later Niamh had found the entrance to the sewers where they would find Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats and the party descended into its dark and stinky depths. Before too long the party spotted the horrifying silhouette of a Beholder stalking the sewer tunnels. After a moment to settle their nerves the party decided the best approach would be a full frontal assault, and heroically charged the beast. This is when the sudden ghouls rose up out of the fetid sewerage and pinned the party down while the beholder let loose its terrifying eye rays. The battle was long and bloody, sapping the party resources as they desperately tried to break away from the ghouls and engage with the Beholder.

Eventually the party managed to close in upon the Eye-Tyrant and slay the abomination, but not without taking serious wounds. A quick meeting was called to decide whether to push on or turn back, but eager to press on the party rallied their strength and continued the hunt for Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats.

Deeper into the sewers the party ventured, until they spotted a bloated corpse bobbing silently in a murky pool. Foresworn offered to investigate, asking the rest of the party to watch his back while he crept forward. The sudden attack from the murky pool came as no surprise, and Foresworn was able to fight off the Feymire Crocodile for a little while, but before the party to come to his rescue a horde of smaller crocodiles had swarmed in, separating him from their help. The Feymire Croc continued its assault on Foresworn and soon had him locked in its enormous jaws, the party could do little but watch on in horror as the reptilian brute devoured him whole. Enraged by what they saw the rest of the party hacked their way through the lesser crocs and managed to free Forsworn from the belly of the beast.

With healing surges and daily powers almost completely tapped out the party decided once again to push on and confront Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats before he could spread his plague throughout the city. They found him surrounded by hundreds of vermin servants, all wracked and twisted by the ravages of plague. In a harsh maddening voice Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats cursed the party and promised them a slow and painful death before unleashing his rat hoards upon them. The party met the wall of sickening matted fur and yellow teeth head on and waded through its wretched claws intent on taking down Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats. With cold fury and bitter determination the party closed on him from all sides headless to the multitudes of scratching, biting, clawing vermin. But in one finally act of shear insanity, before the party could land the killing blow, Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats tore open his own chest, exploding into a swarm of plagueborn rats that threatened to engulf the party. A hastily dropped fireball dealt with the swarm but also left the party dazed, singed and wondering if they really managed to kill all the rats, or if some how, some where, Nar the Plaguelord, Master of Rats had managed to survive…

So, moving on, here’s how things currently stand with the various factions.

The Bloodpact

Wary of any further attacks from the Cultists, the Bloodpact are keen to meet with Zillah to discuss a possible alliance, one which would strengthen their position as the rightful rulers of the city.


The Privateers

Selini is concerned that Ravana has delivered the Manual of the Planes to Thrumbolg, Lord of Mag Tureah, but has advised the party there is little they can do about it now and that we will all just have to wait and see how it all plays out. The Privateers Wyvern has grown considerably lately and has stirred some interest amongst a number of potential buyers from various factions.


The Vanguard

Incensed at receiving such a patronizing letter from Veshic, Ghesh has decided he’s sick of waiting and has directing his troops to make an assault on the Magma Keep themselves. The party will have to move quick if they want to get their ahead of the Vanguard.


The Raven Knights

With Nar The Plaguelord, Master of Rats defeated Commander Corvus is feeling more confidant that they are making ground against the Cultists activities in the city and has sent his scouts out to find any further bases of power that will need to be eradicated.



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