The Ruins of Bael Turath

Quest Log 1

The Bloodpact

The Ritual: The Bloodpact wishes you to perform a ritual at the Dragon Gate. They have handed you the Ritual Scroll, Residuum and Kobold tails, all that is missing is the Blood Sacrifice of a willing Tiefling Warrior.

A Lost History: As the descendants of the original inhabitants of Bael Turath, the Bloodpact are naturally interested in finding out what caused its downfall, particularly in the days leading up to the Final Battle.

The Vanguard

Dragons Tales: Rumor has it that Dragons have been spotted flying above the city, if this is true the Vanguard want to know just who or what they will be dealing with.

Supplies: For the Vanguard to mount a successful campaign within the city they need to know what supplies are available, first and foremost is water. Return with a water sample from the city.

The Merchant Guild

Arts and Times: The Merchant Guild wish to acquire some examples artwork from the city, particularly vases and pottery, as these highly valuable objects will help them accurately date the disappearance of the city.

Arcane Disturbances: The sudden re-appearance of Bael Turath was felt from hundreds of miles away by those attuned to the Arcane, but exactly how or why remains a mystery the Merchant Guild is interested in solving.

The Privateers

The Duelist Blade: A gang of Kobolds has been blamed for the disappearance of a favored dagger and the Privateers would be grateful for its expedient return.

Missing Scouts: A band of Privateers went scouting inside Bael Turath and haven’t been seen in days. Any information as to their whereabouts or what has happened to them would be greatly appreciated.


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