Bael Turath

The Tiefling Empire once spanned thousands of miles and served as a testament to the power of its devil-bound overlords. Filled with wonders and terrors the likes of which cannot be imagined by most, the empire prospered and advanced. Corruption and greed ruled, but so too did beauty and ambition. The secrets of life everlasting and the power to touch the face of the gods were all commonplace to the Tieflings of old.

The magic of the present is a crude tool when compared to the dance of the elements seen in the past. Such power! For even a glimpse of it, a person might trade his soul, and that was always an option in the many infernal Bazaars found throughout the empire.

The City of Bael Turath pulsed with the terrifying might to shake mountains and the splendor to make angels weep. Its markets flowed with the treasures of a hundred worlds and were filled with traders from the furthest realms. Its libraries contained ancient and powerful knowledge on subjects unfathomable to most, secret rituals and tomes of arcane lore. Immense academies offered training in the most diverse of fields: alchemy, necromancy, philosophy and divination were but a few that would be recognized today. Sprawling galleries displayed the greatest works of art and the richest of plundered treasures. Breath taking monument of hellish power, and all proudly presented as testament to the might and beauty of Bael Turath.

One thousand years ago however the city disappeared without a trace, causing the collapse of the Tiefling Empire. But now, it has returned to be fought over by the many Factions that now call it home.

The Bloodpact are the remnants of the original citizens of Bael Turath.

The City of Bael Turath is now a dark and dangerous thing, with dimly lit streets and twisted alleyways breaking off to wind between looming buildings. The sky overhead is dark and shadows lie thick on the pitted cobble stones. The few spluttering torches barely hold back the encroaching darkness that seems to seep out of the city’s stonework like a clinging mist. Footsteps echo eerily amongst the dilapidated houses lining the streets, and all around are the glittering eyes of crows and rats, watching every intruder as they venter deeper into the twisted gloom.

The true History of the City has only just be discovered by the players.

Bael Turath

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