Behind the Screen


Many of my players have expressed an interest in running some of their own games and other still have asked about the kind of planning that goes into my DnD campaigns. So, in an unprecedented move, I’ve decided to post the adventure notes for some of the earlier sessions I’ve run for this campaign. I’m making them public just to show off a look at how I run things behind the screen. I’ll also add more as the game progresses, with a small lag between playing and posting.

While the notes I’ll be posting are complete, they by no means represent the entire game session. I rely heavily on player input and often find I ad-lib at least half of the session as I furiously try to keep up with my players imaginations.

And by all means, please feel free to copy any or all of these notes for your own games, enjoy :)

  1. Sewer BTS
  2. Dragon Gate BTS
  3. Entrance BTS
  4. Blood Gate BTS
  5. Iron Tower BTS
  6. Merchant Gate BTS
  7. Private Gate BTS
  8. The Dark Library BTS
  9. The Black Market BTS
  10. Exploration BTS
  11. The Manor House BTS
  12. The Temple of Mammon BTS
  13. The Grand Bazaar BTS
  14. The Gathering Storm BTS
  15. The Temple of Belial BTS
  16. Sinestas Report BTS
  17. Nar the Plaguelord and Master of Rats BTS
  18. The Magma Keep BTS
  19. The Domain of Dread Part 1 BTS
  20. The Domain of Dread Part 2 BTS
  21. Blood Money BTS
  22. The ArchLich BTS

Behind the Screen

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