Blessing of Mammon

Meloch ushers you in to the now restored Temple of Mammon and you can barely believe your eyes. The polished walls now gleam with burnished copper, silver and gold. Glittering gems sparkle like stars from ornate friseurs and brightly lit alcoves show off prizes relics of exceptional worth. A thick velvet carpet lines the centre leading to a newly ordained Tiefling Priest of Mammon, dressed in the finest robes and wearing a fortune in gold and jewels.

He greets Meloch warmly and the two exchange a few words. The Priest then turns to the party and bows low saying he is humbled by their presence and would be honored to bestow upon them the Blessing of Mammon. He explains that he will soon invoke the presence of Mammon who will speak to each of you in turn so that you might receive his blessing of wealth and prosperity directly. As you should know, Mammon teaches that one should never be content with simply existing, but should strive to better oneself. He teaches that all options should be considered in order to achieve your goals and that growth can only come by sacrifice. As such it is likely he might ask you to perform a small task in his name, as a sign of commitment to your goal to better yourself. Those who fulfill such tasks are blessed with Mammon’s wealth and prosperity. All those wishing to take part should step forward now.

_The Priest then begins to cast an intricate ritual upon a large silver dias, which inlaid with precious stones to depict the Dark Lord Mammon. A large golden bowl is brought forth and into is poured a fortune of residuum from several crystal vials. The Priest continues chanting over the bowl until it suddenly ignites in a bright golden flame and releases a pungent perfume. The vapors fill the temple with their sickly sweet smell and before you eyes you see the regal, serpentine form of Mammon rise up within the temple. _

His head is crowned with a ring of gold tipped horns and face seems familiar and friendly. The skin on his bare chest and arms is smooth and yellow while his snake-like lower torso is covered with polished metallic scales of gold and silver. He looks upon you all and nods his head in acknowledgement of the services you have preformed. He then addresses each of you in turn.

Once all players have received their personally blessing, they are then free to either discuss them openly or keep them private. They are also free to decide if they will follow them, doing so will bring favor and fortune to their endeavors.

Blessing of Mammon

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