Blood Gate

The Blood Gate, or North Gate, is controlled by [[The Bloodpact] and resembles a cluttered village. Ramshackle buildings crowd together forming small dark alleyways, crisscrossed overhead with catwalks, which are patrolled by elvish archers. The gate itself stands open proudly at one end of the village, though anyone approaching it would have to run a gauntlet through the twisted streets, and the same would be true for anything wanting to leave.

A single stone building sit squarely amongst the rickety wooden buildings, its style is reminiscent of those found within the city, and perhaps served as a guardhouse of some description many years ago. From the raucous sound coming from within, it is obvious it is now being used as a tavern, and a fairly rowdy one at that.

Areas of Interest

Mayhem – A Tavern that specializes in Bloodsports.


Meloch – Leader of the Bloodpact.

Shadey Pete – A Privateer who runs the fights at Mayhem.

Blood Gate

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