There are a total of eight factions involved with the City, four Outer Factions and four Inner Factions. The players have also started a faction known as The Wayfarers.

As players complete quests for each faction their reputation with that faction will grow. Reputation is also a good indicated of a factions Guild Strength, because with each quest completed for them, that faction get stronger.

Briefly, the Outer Factions consist of:

The Bloodpact – A band of Tieflings, led by the High Warlock Meloch.

The Vanguard – A troop of Dragonborn, led by General Ghesh.

The Privateers – A collection of Elves and Halfling traders, led by the Satyr Selini.

The Merchant Guild – A collection of Eladrin and Dwarven merchants led by the Rakshasa Ravana.

The Inner Factions consist of:

The Black MarketShadar Kai Traders led by Mistress Zillah.

The Foreshadow – The ruling Shadar Kai, led by Lord Nerezza.

The Cult of Orcus – Fanatic follows of the Demon Prince Orcus.

The Raven Knights – Planer Warriors who are hunting the Cult of Orcus led by Commander Corvus.


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