Foresworns character sheet

Foresworn is the second in command of The Wayfarers

Foresworn is hard to sum up. While he can be described in physical terms, such as: youthful, strong and hardy, these do very little to capture the nature of the man. Foresworn is more of an experience than an individual, and it is an exciting one that people tend to get swept up in at that.

Technically he is a half elf, but his lineage seams oddly complicated. Undoubtedly, He is a warrior, but his skill revolves more about surviving a beating and lucking through rather than practised finesse. It is certain that he always looks slightly roughed up, his hair shaved in odd ways by close calls and scratches bedeck his entire person.

Less certain things listed about him: He is a dolt. While he does have a certain childlike glee about him most of the time and is perpetually leaping before looking, he has pulled of several feats that would suggest there is more to him than an addle-brained dullard. He has Crossed words with dangerous guild agents and held his own well enough to not get him and his too far into trouble, and, indeed, walk away with treasures for his troubles.

He has also pulled together his own guild, seemingly from thin air, random outsiders, and enthusiastic folly. And the guild only seams to grow stronger even when faced with meeting the demands of nearly every power group the city has at its disposal.

A final insight into his perhaps, (very,) deeply concealed intellect, is he once thwarted an eldritch riddle lock with but a casual attempt as his guild mates looked on shocked.

He is also, contrary to popular opinion, not quick to violence. Foresworn has worked hard to overcome conflict in less direct ways in the past, even trying to avoid an attack on reputedly “evil shadow creatures,” siting “they were just having a drink.”

But of the list of things that people grudgingly offered up about him, one reoccurring thought often rarely strays: He does seem to be a hero. This may in fact be some what of a curse in the dark and spiteful area he inhabits, but none the less with axe and sword in hand his mighty heart can very nearly be seen swelling in his mail covered chest.

While he is the will and wont that summoned The Wayfarers together, he was a very democratic leader, some may almost say, unconcerned. His primary interest is not drawing to much unwanted attention, and trying to improve the lives of those willing to do some good. Mostly he is happy to differ the every day leading of the team to his most trusted friend, (and the fellow he argues with the most,) Veshic, who he, (rightly,) sees as an excellent tactical up to the task of managing the chaos of skirmishes.


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