The Infernomicon is the most holy of books found within the Empire of Bael Turath. Its hallowed pages contain the scriptures and wisdom of the Nine Dark Lords of Baator.

Bel – Lord of the First, Admiral of Avernus.

Dispator –Lord of the Second, Duke of Dis

Mammon – Lord of Third, Monarch of Minauros

Belial – Lord of the Fourth, Father of Phlegethos

Levistus – Lord of the Fifth, Steward of Stygia

Glasya – Lady of the Sixth, Majesty of Malbolge.

Baalzebul – Lord of the Seventh, Magnate of Maladomini

Mephistopheles – Lord of the Eight, Kaiser of Cania

Asmodeus – Lord of the Ninth, The Emperor of Flame.

The Temples of the Nine Dark Lords are laid out upon Bael Turath in ancient and holy symbol of balance, representing the the stability that Asmodeus brings to all things.


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