Merchant Gate

The Merchant Gate, or West Gate, is a true trading hub, its streets are lined with brightly colored stalls and tents, all displaying the finest of wares. Exquisite jewelry, elegant silks and powerful magic items are all for sale under the watchful eyes of The Merchant Guild. There is also a wide variety of Dwarven and Eladrin crafted arms and exotic masterwork armor sets. The streets are crowded with well dressed buyers and sellers, most wearing expensive clothing covered in lace and jewels. This is truly an affluent market place where many secret luxuries hide behind curtain walls.

Ravana’s Pavilion is a large silk tent situated near a City Gate. Both Gate and Pavilion are guarded by towering Ogres, standing stoically and dressed in shining armor. There are also a large number of Eladrin and Dwarven forces patrolling the area, likewise dressed in resplendent armor.

Areas of Interest

The Pavilion – Ravana’s lavish abode.

The Mystic Tent – Rhoswen’s stall.


Ravana – Leader and Rakshasa Merchant Prince.

Rhoswen – A Human Mystic and ritual caster.

Merchant Gate

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