Outer Factions

The Outer Factions are made up of different races who have come seeking to explore the City. They have formed four distinct factions, each with its own village located at each of the four main gates into the City.

The Bloodpact control the Blood Gate to the North, and are allied with the Privateers.

The Privateers control the Private Gate to the East and are allied with Bloodpact.

The Vanguard control the Dragon Gate to the South, and are allied with the Merchant Guild.

The Merchant Guild control the Merchant Gate to the West and are allied with the Vanguard.

There is also a neutral tavern, known as The Helpful Goblin, located not far from the City, and a Player run faction known as The Wayfarers.

Bloodpact (top left), Vanguard (top right), Merchants Guild (bottom right), Privateers (bottom left), Wayfarers (center).

Outer Factions

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