Private Gate

The Private Gate, or East Gate, is home to The Privateers and is a hive of trade activity, but unlike the Merchant Gate the cliental here is much, much more diverse. Gnomes and Half-Orcs rub shoulders with Lizardfolk and Hobgoblins. Trade-stalls are set anywhere there is space, selling all manner of goods, food and drink, clothes and house wares, weapons and armor, its all here and its all for sale. Traders come from all over and rent a stall for a day or two, giving a cut of all profits to the Privateers, who in turn keep the peace between the many different races and cultures.

Areas of Interest

The Great Hall – an immense Tavern filled with feasting and merry making.

The Apothicarium – A Potion and Alchemy shop run by Grady.


Selini – A Satyr and Leader of [[The Privateers]

Redrellon – An Elvish courier, spy and thief.

Grady – A Half-Elven Potion Master

Private Gate

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