Sinestas Report BTS

The Bloodpact currently find themselves in a good strong position, they control four key temples relating to Warfare, Diplomacy, Wealth and Knowledge and feel it is time to start making serious moves towards taking control of the city. Before they make any rash decisions however they feel it would be most prudent to discuss strategy with they loyal allies the Wayfarers. Meloch, now wielding the Staff of Belial, would like to meet to discuss the future of the Bloodpact and how they might go about reclaiming their city.

Meloch sits at his usual table at Mayhem, with his niece Sinesta is by his side reporting the latest faction movements within the city. She stops as you approach, but Meloch asks her to continue, stating that the Wayfarers are our strongest allies and should hear this report as well. Sinesta continues.

The Bloodpact – The restoration of the Temple of Belial is going well and several new priests have been ordained into the brotherhood. Craftsmen will begin training shortly thereafter and then work can begin on restoring the city. The priests of Bel continue to train new recruits for our growing armies, they will be ready when our general calls.

The Vanguard – There have been multiple reports of Vanguard troop movement throughout the City, and they have begun a campaign of securing a fortifying various footholds within the outer city. Evidently they have also been running into heavy resistance from the Cities native fauna and have made several enemies amongst the assorted rabble that populate the wilder sections.

The PrivateersSelini and his crew have been quiet of late, keeping their own scouts focused on the movements of the Black Market and the Merchant Guild. They are of course still honoring our trade agreements and have begun securing supplies required to rebuild the City.

The Merchant Guild – There is little to report on the Merchant Guild, Ravana has kept to himself or has spent time abroad in the Feywild. It’s assumed he is still in league with the Vanguard and has been equipping their troops with secrets stolen from the Dark Library. His motives behind this are still unknown.

Cult of Orcus – After suffering several crushing defeats at the hands of our friends here, the cultists have retreated deep within the city. Little has been seen of them of late leading us to believe the losses they sustained at the Temple of Belial my have destabilized them somewhat. As such it will probably be a while before we see any more coordinated movements from them.

The Foreshadow – The Usurper Nerezza has mobilized his troops and deployed them throughout the section of the city under his control. He has even begun encroaching on the Black Market territories. This means he is either anticipating an attack, or preparing to launch one himself. By all accounts the man is paranoid and power mad and should be dealt with quickly.

The Raven KnightsCommander Corvus has set his Knights to hunting down any rogue undead left behind in the cultists retreat, as well as the cultists themselves. He is reluctant to take sides in our righteous struggle, but has also given his word not to interfere, provided we show him the same courtesy regarding his hunt for cultists.

The Black MarketThe Grand Bazaar circulates an immense amount of wealth and power, and as such any assaults within that area must be handled with extreme care not to destabilize the section or incur its wrath. Mistress Zillah yet proves to be an enigmatic figure of which we know little.

Meloch will then turn to the party and ask how they think the Bloodpact should proceed. An all out assault on the Imperial Palace? A slow and steady advance into the city, seizing more strongholds? Or strengthen our current position by recruiting more allies and finishing of current threats? (If asked, Meloch will be reserved, but amiable towards the idea of an alliance with the Black Market)

During the end of this discussion, Meloch will stand up suddenly, gripping his staff. Any arcane wielders in the party will sense a sudden surge of magic. Someone outside has just completed some dark ritual. Arcana25 will reveal it has summoned a creature from the abyss. A few seconds later frantic screams can be heard from outside as well as the sounds of battle.

A contingent of Cultists have launched a violent attack upon the Blood Gate. Several Necromancers has summoned a pair of Shadow Demons while a Death Priest raises the fallen as undead minions. Unless commanded otherwise, Meloch will battle the Death Priest, the Bloodpact will battle the minions and Acolytes while the party will be left to deal with the Shadow Demons and Necromancers.

The Demons and Necromancers will take the rooftops, using their flight to their advantage. The Necormancers will also try to remain at range. Gaining access to the rooftops should be easy enough with all the ladders around, but crossing from rooftop to rooftop will require either an:

Acrobatics20 to cross a plank at half speed, granting combat advantage. Failure wastes a move action, failure by 5 or more means you fall, no save, 1d10 damage and you end your move action prone.

Athletics20 to jump a 10ft gap as part of a move action. Failure means just catching the opposite rooftop and having to make an Athletics15 to climb up, ends move action. Failure by 5 or more means you fall, no save, 1d10 damage and you end your move action prone.

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Sinestas Report BTS

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