The Bloodpact

The Bloodpact, descendants of the City’s original populous, have come to reclaim it as their own. When Bael Turoth vanished they lost not only their families and livelihoods, but also their entire culture, heritage and religion. They call the Blood Gate home.

They are eager to reconnect with their deities of old, namely the Great Nine Lords, who once watched over them and taught them the ways of magic, politics, art and war. As such the Bloodpact are dedicated to finding and restoring their old temples so that they may find the strength to restore the city and rule it once again. The Bloodpact, led by Meloch, a warlock of considerable cunning and power, are also dedicated to the destruction of The Vanguard, a remnant of the Dragonborn armies, whom the blame for Bael Turoths disappearance.

The Bloodpact are allied with The Black Market and have negotiated The Pact.

Notable Members

Meloch – Leader and Tiefling Warlock.

Sinesta – Melochs niece, a Tiefling Scout.

Current Reputation

The Bloodpact

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