The Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild, led by the Rakshasa Ravana, are a power hungry faction, interested only in wealth and magic. Made up of Dwarves and Eladrin, the Merchant Guild were attracted to the city by the stories of powerful magical artifacts and untapped caches of riches. Their alliance with The Vanguard is tentative at best, especially concerning recent events, but it is still one with offers mutual benefits. At present the Merchant Guild are searching though the mysterious Dark Library, rumored to hold an unrivaled collection of rituals and arcane writings. They call the Merchant Gate home and are in direct competition with The Privateers.

Notable Members

Ravana – Leader and Rakshasa Merchant Prince.

Ruby – An Eladrin Merchant Lady.

Mons – A Dwarven trader in antique goods and assistant to Ruby.

Rhoswen – A Human Mystic and ritual caster.

Current Reputation

The Merchant Guild

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