The Privateers

The Privateers are one of the two Trade Factions working outside the City, both of which see the return of Bael Turoth as a splendid opportunity to make a bit of coin. They call the Private Gate home.

The Privateers are a collection of Halfling and Elfish traders, loosely banded together until the leadership of Selini, a charismatic Satyr. They specialize in acquisition of rare or exotic goods and are willing to trade with almost anyone, if the price is right. At the moment they appear to be allied with The Bloodpact, reasoning that if the city does return to Tiefling control, they’ll be able to control all the trade in and out. The Privateers are of course in direct competition with The Merchant Guild.

Notable Members

Selini – Their Leader, a charismatic Satyr.

Shadey Pete – A booky who runs the fights at Mayhem.

Redrellon – An Elvish courier, usually find feasting in The Great Hall.

Grady – A Half-Elven Potion Master.

Current Reputation

The Privateers

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