The Vanguard

The Vanguard, the stoic remains of the Dragonborn armies, have returned to claim Bael Turoth as their own. Led by General Ghesh, the Vanguard seek to strengthen their foothold in the city and move out to recapture several key strategic sites. Lately the Vanguard have been fighting a losing battle, having run into severe resistance from The Bloodpact. Several attempts to gain the upper-hand on them have also backfired, causing them to take heavy casualties. As such they have had to hire mercenaries, and have requested additional troops from their homelands. The Vanguard are currently allied with The Merchant Guild and control the Dragon Gate.

Notable Members

General Ghesh – A large Dragonborn Warlord and lead of the Vangaurd.

Sheba – A Young Female Dragonborn Paladin.

Current Reputation

The Vanguard

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