The Wayfarers

The Wayfarers were once a faction dedicated to the peaceful exploration and mapping of Bael Turath, as well as acting as guides and couriers for the other Factions. Recently they have changed direction however and have become more of a mercenary group working to help The Bloodpact reclaim the city. They also have strong ties to The Black Market and The Raven Knights.

When not out adventuring the Wayfarers can usually be found lounging at the Green Fairy, an inn that was financed and built by Solana.

Preliminary accounting has been done with some loot tallies available to those Opening Up the Books.

Notable Members

Veshic – A Tiefling Warlord and leader of the Wayfarers.

Foresworn – A Half-Elven Fighter and second in command.

Niamh – A Human Thief and guild accountant.

Eraval – An Eladrin Wizard of few words.

Cardoc – A Human Paladin and spiritual advisor.

Francois – A Minotaur Barbarian and civic laborer.

Winter – A Human Wizard and Bael Turath Historian.

Solana – An Eladrin Warlock and guild negotiator – Missing.

Cetanu – A Dragonborn Ranger – Deceased.

Nar – A Dwarven Priest and expert in Diplomacy – Deceased.

Hempen – A smelly goblin and guild mascot.

Current Influence

The Wayfarers

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