The story so far…

One thousand years ago the fabled city of Bael Turath, heart of the Tiefling Empire, was besieged by a mighty Dragonborn army of Arkhosia. The two kingdoms had been at war with eachother for years, but finally after countless border clashes, annexations and brutal atrocities the war was finally set to end. The generals of each army agreed to meet in single combat, the victor naming the terms for the others surrender. But something went wrong…

On the day of the epic duel, with the fate of two empires hanging in the balance, the city of Bael Turoth, and all those within, simply vanished without a trace. By all accounts, where once had stood the proud and majestic Tiefling capital there was nothing but a misty and bleak hole in the ground. A scar in the earth that would remain so for a thousand years.

The remaining Dragonborn armies, those that had remained outside were astonished and quick to blame the diabolic Tieflings. Their Draconic leaders, the mightiest of Wyrms which had come to witness the duel, had likewise vanished along with the rest of the city. This left behind a massive power-vacuum within the Dragonborn Empire, leading to violent struggles for power and eventually an all encompassing civil-war, Dragon against Dragonborn. The empire of Arkhosia was torn asunder within just a matter of years.

But now, one thousand years later, the city has retunred. On a dark and stormy night, with a violent crack of thunder, the city returned, a dark twisted mockery of its once brilliant glory. The sudden appearance was felt far and wide by those magically attuned and hundreds of peoples of all walks of life came to investigate. Within a short while exploration camps were setup outside the city, with forays venturing inside to seek out its fabled riches. These camps grew in size, alliances were formed and before too long there were four main villages, each led by a different factions, each with a different goal for the city.

The true History of the city has only just been discovered by the players.

The Ruins of Bael Turath

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